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Ain Rasheed Khan

Posted: May 6, 2017 in Gautam Ghose, Tidbits


Having made his foray into the world of documentary film in 1979, Ain Rasheed Khan a close friend of Gautam Ghose was also the scriptwriter, commentator and interviewer for Ghosh’s film on Ustad Bismillah Khan. Next came his dialogues and script for a documentary on Cancer – SHAM HI TO HAI- and Ghosh then engaged him as the script and dialogue writer for PATANG, which won the National award for Best film in 1994. November 1995 also saw him in London as an additional expert commentary writer for an Indo-British called BEYOND THE HIMALAYAS.

(Src: STATESMAN 22/6/96)

Maya Mridango (2016)

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Bangla 2010-2020, Tidbits

The director Raja Sen has based his new film MAYA MRIDANGO (2016) on a 1950 novel written by Syed Mustafa Siraj. When an interviewer asked the director as to why he had based his film on such an old novel, the director replied “the cravings of an artist to gain recognition remains the same, whether it is the 1950s or the present times.” This explains why Tagore and Sarat Chatterjee are still popular among filmmakers.