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The film, directed by Rana Basu, is based on a story Trata by Dibyendu Palit. The basic story revolves around a cowardly clerk (Rajatava Dutta) who is unable to face the challenges and adversities of life with courage and crumbles at the slightest provocation. The clerk lives with his family comprising of his wife (Rupa Ganguly), and a daughter and a son. The son lives in a boarding and occasionally visits his family during vacations.
Rajatava has not been paying his rent to his land owner for quite a few months, who decide to throw him out of the house. The land lord cuts off the water supply. To solve his problem, Rajatava approaches the local goon (Saswato Chaterjee) who agrees to help him. Gradually, Saswato begins eyeing Rupa Ganguly … Meanwhile the daughter complicates matters by indulging in pre-marital sex with her tutor.
The film ends on a tragic note, with Saswato locking Rupa Ganguly inside a room to defile her, and our protagonist weeps inconsolably outside the door. He is such a coward that he doesn’t display any kind of retribution even at this point. The great bard had put it so aptly “Cowards die many times before their death.”
I haven’t read the original story which was written about 20 years back. The film story doesn’t offer any solution. Should a film only present a realistic picture, however grim it might be, and end without throwing some light as to how such malaise can be purged from society? Goons like Saswato enjoyed political patronage and could indulge in criminal activities freely as shown in the film, but the director should have reflected and showed pointers as to how such elements would finally be brought to book.

The other perspective is that the film deliberately concluded on the implied “rape sequence” and kept it open-ended,like a few Mrinal Sen movies (Ek Din Pratidin, Antareen).

Rating: 4 out of 5