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Bengali cinema continues to spring a surprise now and then. It is heartening to find a brilliant film from the relatively new actor-turned-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay (PC). The film SONAR PAHAR (Mountain of Gold) features the return of veteran Bollywood actress Tanuja (Teen Bhubaner Parey, Adalat O Ekti Mey) to the Bengali screen and portrays her as a lonely widower who values her independent existence living by herself in an ancestral house. She has differences with her son (Jishu Sengupta) and especially her daughter-in-law (Arunima Ghosh). Enters a young boy from orphanage self-proclaimed to be afflicted with AIDS into her life through the iniatiative of her son’s friend (PC)…

The film traces the growing bond between the duo and how the lady tries to fill the vaccum in her life caused by the actual absence of her son in her life through the orphan boy. This is a touching film that deals with the loneliness of the elderly and the complexities that arise in human relationships and advocates the need to walk the extra mile to fill the void caused by the rift with one’s immediate family members.

Kudos to PC for a brilliant direction… The filming qualities are top-notch effectively capturing the sombre mood of the film with the much-needed lighter sequences in a neat package. The veteran actor Soumitro Chattopadhyay features in a cameo.

Rating; 3.8 out of 5


TEEN BHUBANER PAARE is a heart warming romantic tale. Montu (Soumitro Chaterjee) is a not too educated local boy who works in a factory, and spends the evening boozing with his friends. He gets attracted to a beautiful school teacher (Tanuja) who has recently moved into the neighborhood. Love blooms in spite of family opposition to the relationship. They get married…

The film makes a case for continuing Adult education through the character of Montu being forced by his wife to study further and he manages to complete higher degrees and become a Professor in the University.

Disruptive forces in their conjugal bliss comes in the form of old friends of Montu invading their house regularly for adda sessions, and a lonely beautiful rich student (Sumita Sanyal) of Prof. Montu in the University. Watch the film to know what happens …the film has a certain mood and accomplished performances by the lead cast. The supporting cast includes Tarun Kumar, Robi Ghosh, Padda Devi, Kamal Mitra and others. The film contains two popular songs Jeevan a ki pabona & Hoyto Tomar e jonno as bonus.

Rating: 3 out of 5




adalat o ekti meye

A school teacher (Tanuja) goes on a vacation with her friends. The compartment of the train they board has a group of four unruly youths who indulges in drunken revelry. What happens when one of ’em misbehaves with the school teacher? Manoj Mitra as a tough cop is simply brilliant.


One of the earliest Indian films to deal with the theme of rape along with ‘Insaf ka Tarazu’ back in the 80s, this is indeed a memorable film directed by veteran Tapan Sinha.

Rating: 4 out of 5