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Delving deeper into the failed love of Devdas and Paro, one could possibly attribute it to the epistle that Devdas wrote to his childhood paramour (Paro) from the city. In that letter he mentions of his reluctance to convert their relationship into conjugal union, something that would hurt his parents and their family prestige. Though soon after Devdas rushes to his village to make amends with Paro, everything has been lost by then.

What makes DEVDAS so popular with Indian filmmakers resulting in its several versions or their modified adaptations (Dev D, Muquddar Ka Sikandar). Love blooms abundantly in this novel by Sarat Chattopadhyay (Devdas and Paro love each other, Chandramukhi loves Devdas) but none of the relationship is taken towards consummation. The author highlights that love couldn’t transcend the barriers society had set for those times. Was SC suggesting by way of implication that social mores ought to change for that period, and compassion and acceptances of differences in terms of class, caste and also prejudices about courtesan need to be brought about.


The Bimol Roy version that I saw recently was immensely watchable with competent performances by Dilip Kumar in the titular role, ably supported by Suchitra Sen,  Vjyantimala Bali & Motilal. At some places, Suchitra Sen’s diction had a Bengali slant of speaking Hindi but otherwise she is quite expressive and acts brilliantly. The sequence of a sozzled Motilal trying to hang his walking stick on the shadow of the hanger was quite hilarious.

Rating; 3.8 out of 5