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BUNO HAANSH unfolds the story of an unsuspecting youth who gets trapped in the activities of an International smuggling racket. Amol (Dev) lives in a poor colony in Kolkata with his Mother, elder brother and his wife. Theirs is a needy family. Through his friend’s contact Amol meets an influential lady of the nefarious group (MoonMoon Sen). Soon, he is criss-crossing the world, from Dacca to Bangkok, meeting dubious people and handling over illegal stuff to them. In the process, Amol moves further away from his family and his lady-love (Srabonti) who is battling a debilitating ailment..

In Bangkok Amol meets a mysterious girl J (Tanusree Chakraborty). She reveals to Amol that she did a course in tourism in Kolkata and was recruited by a travel company for a plum assignment in Bangkok. When she reached Bangkok, her passport was taken away by the company and she was coerced to work as an Escort. She somehow managed to grab her passport and flee from that place. Now goons are on the lookout for her…


The film is based on a story by Samaresh Mazumdar and directed by Aniruddha Roy Choudhury. The director ARC is repeatedly working to expand the breadth of meaningful Bengali cinema in terms of locales. In his APARAJITA TUMI he shot at several cities in the United States. Even in this film he takes the Bengali viewer to Dacca, Bangkok and other International destinations.

Some sequences in the film are hauntingly filmed and lingers in one’s mind. Like the shot where Amol goes to visit his ancestral village and picks up mud and smears it on his face, a dream that his father harbored of visiting his native village in East Bengal.

The director keeps the ending open-ended. I particularly liked the way the film ended. None of the relationship is taken towards a logical conclusion. The character of J is quite interesting. She is ambitious and quite ethical in her dealings. She is practical too, and when Amol could not get a Visa, J doesn’t let her sentiments bog her down.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5




Like its title KHAAD/ THE FALL the film I think is quite a fall from the high standards set by the director himself in his earlier films like SHABDO. The film is directed by Kaushik Ganguly from his own story.

A motley group of characters travelling to a hill station find themselves stranded in a station owing to a strike. Thereafter, they head to their destination in a missionary bus which meets with an accident and tumbles down a deep valley. Surprisingly, no one dies. They have to spend the night beneath as trekking would need 4-5 hours in the least and the daylight would last only a couple of hours…

During the night they make a bonfire and start making confession – a doc (Bharat Kaul) is exposed as unscrupulous, another reveal being an informer, an elderly cancer afflicted lady (Lily Chakraborty) reveal that she was a Muslim who adopted a Hindu name after marriage, and question whether her son Kaushik Ganguly is Hindu/Muslim? … one failed to comprehend what the director tried to convey through all this…The others in the cast includes Tanusree Chakraborty, Kamleshwar Mukhopadhyay and others.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5