Subhajit Ghosh is an avid film buff. He is a computer engineer by profession, and teaches in an engineering college.

His favorite filmmaker is Mrinal Sen.


He also likes Chaplin, Fellini & Satyajit Ray among many others.

Kindly enrich his site through your valuable comments. Thanks.
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  1. Babu Aiyar says:

    Hi Subhajit,

    I am looking for a digital version of Mrinal Sen’s EK ADHURI KAHANI…Tried a lot unsuccessfully on the internet…This is required for my friend Vivek Chatterjee who plays (Sanjay) the central character in this film….

    • Hello Babu You may write to Mrinal Sen’s son Kunal Sen (www.mrinalsen.org) – he may be able to help you. A few years ago a CD version was available at Induna, though lately I was keen on buying myself and looked up the web unsuccessfully… Subhajit

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