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ABBAJAN is credited to be written and directed by Anjan Choudhury (Shatru). The story seems influenced in portions by Tagore’s KABULIWALLAH. In this film, like in the Tagore novel, the lady of the house (Sabitri Chaterjee) harbors suspicion about her daughter’s closeness with a stranger, the difference being that in this film the girl is much older compared to Minnie of KABULIWALLAH.

While Kabuliwallahs from Afghanistan were viewed with suspicion in the Tagore piece, Muslim neighbors replace Kabuliwallahs as victims of suspicion in the eyes of the lady of the house, an orthodox Hindu resenting Muslims. The titular character of ABBAJAN (Ranjit Mullick), a wealthy Muslim neighbor (with a tragic past) of a Hindu family (Dilip Roy, Sabitri Chaterjee and their son & daughter) resembles in some respects to that of KABULIWALLAH, the situation of a close bond developing with the girl with the affectionate and understanding father seem so similar. In both these works, the titular protagonists were missing their daughter and the void accounted for the bond that develops.

Overall, a significant film that emphasizes on the need to build trust between Hindus and Muslims. The supporting cast includes Subhendu Chatterjee, Sumitra Mukherjee, Abhishek Chaterjee, Pallavi Chaterjee, Chumki Choudhury and others.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



Directed by Pinaki Mukherjee based on a novella by eminent writer Sankar. The film revolves around characters who are employees and visitor of a hotel – hotel Shahjahan.
A rich socialite lady and social worker Mrs. Pakrashi (Dipti Roy) working for emancipation of women can’t face the fact that her son Anindya Pakrashi (Biswajit) loves a call girl Karobi (Supriya Devi) who was in the oldest profession of the world because of several dependent family members. What is interesting is that the lady Mrs. Pakrashi too has skeletons in her closet. As the manager of the hotel Seta Bose (SB, played with aplomb by Uttam Kumar) tells his co-worker Sankar (Subhendu Chaterji) “Mrs Pakrashi is a regular visitor in our hotel. She is a social worker during daylight and sort of a cougar at night. Once she lodged herself with a French toy boy in one of our private suites.”
The role of Supriya Devi in the film parallels her character Nita in Ghatal’s MEGHE DHAKA TARA. Bhanu Bandopadhyay in a cameo as the caretaker of the laundary of Shahjahan hotel is unforgettable. The workaholic SB takes a leave for the first time in twelve years to spend a romantic day out with his fiancee (Anjana Bhowmick). Will SB quit his job @ Shahjahan to marry lady love? ….. Utpal Dutt as the Anglo Indian hotelier is superb as usual. So is Subhendu Chaterjee enacting the central protagonist which is widely believed to have autobiographical elements of the author.
Rating: 4 out of 5