Tapan Sinha & docs..

Posted: October 2, 2019 in Tapan Sinha

Happy b’day wishes to late filmmaker Tapan Sinha..

In quite a few of his later works, TS has shown an individual waging a relentless fight against the system. ATANKA, EK DOCTOR KI MAUT, ADMI AUR AURAT, ADALAT O EKTI MEY & WHEEL CHAIR cast the protagonist undergoing an ordeal but refusing to budge into submission.


No Indian filmmaker has portrayed the profession of doctor and medicine with such sincerity like him. In the early fifties film HATEY BAZAREY, the protagonist Ashok Kumar plays a dedicated doctor who runs a mobile dispensary for the needy. In WHEEL CHAIR a handicapped doctor (Soumitro Chattopadhyay) puts up a relentless fight to bring relief to similarly disadvantaged people through his clinic. EK DOCTOR KI MAUT finds a doctor fighting the cruel academic system and losing out in getting recognition for his pioneering work on leprosy. AROHI & KHONIKER ATITHI too revolved around the Medicine man. In ADMI AUR AURAT the lack of medical facilities to the rural community is highlighted …

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