Supriya Choudhury

Posted: January 26, 2018 in Supriya Choudhury

Saddened by the news of the demise of Supriya Choudhury this morning… She was one of those rare beauties to have ever graced the Bengali screen. Of her performances, probably MEGHE DHAKA TARA was her best. I also liked her in KOMAL GANDHAR as a theatre artiste caught between two men, and the climatic sequence in the film with the chant ‘Dohai Ali, dohai ali..’ in the background where she walks up the stairs towards her ‘chosen one’ remains embedded in memory. Her pairing with Uttam Kumar resulted in several hits but I can’t recall these movies now. Her role of the call girl in CHOWRINGHEE parallels her character Nita in MEGHE DHAKA TARA.


The last film that I remember of hers – ATHIYASAJAN by Raja Sen, which dealt with the subject of euthanasia, and had the veteran actor Soumitro Chatterjee playing her husband, which captured effectively the plight of the elderly and the older generation, to cope with shifting societal standards… My Ma told me today that in an interview of hers, she mentioned that she outlived her eleven siblings and joked that ‘Jomer dut o amar khetre phire chole jai’ (Yama returns without me every single time). Well, today he didn’t…RIP Benudi..




  1. john hutnyk says:

    Reblogged this on trinketization and commented:
    This is indeed a loss. Greatest ever.

    The howl echoing across the mountains at the end now haunts us even more.

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