A Tribute to Vinod Khanna—The Hero with Panache….

Posted: May 1, 2017 in Hindi films, Wifey

(Written by my wife Rajlakshmi Ghosh)

Words from the Gallery…

That was an era when MEN ruled the screens, both on and off it. And Vinod Khanna was a part of that rare tribe, breathing a machismo and charm that made Mills & Boons heroes seem ever so life-like. If they looked more Vinod Khannaesque in our mind’s eye—the hard jaw, hair carelessly tousled, dimpled chin, tall dark strapping figure with a larger than life presence–can the women of the species be blamed? If you didn’t go for Amitabh Bachchan’s angry man image in the Seventies and Eighties, there was always Vinod Khanna in a cast and style all of his own. He was a natural actor whose look and sheen was far from skin deep, radiating a maturity that gave depth to his cinematic characters.….dappled in shades of grey which made them seem all the more real. Today, when I think of tinsel town’s heroes, aren’t they more boyish and lean? And if machismo is all about muscle and brawn, look up Vinod Khanna’s tall, dark chiseled persona for reference… an animal magnetism that made women go weak in the knees.

It is hard to think that Vinod Khanna is no more. A memory in the chimera of images that keep flashing past. But to a whole generation of women like me, he was the epitome of masculinity….they don’t make them these days, a la Hollywood Gregory Peck mould.

In an age when there were no gyms to create that six pack abs or specialists to cover up every glitch and flaw, Vinod Khanna was the true hero whose likes you are not likely to find in any acting school.

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