Posted: March 7, 2017 in Nandita Das, Regional

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BISHWAPRAKASH is a film directed by Sushant Mishra (Meemansha). It follows the life of one Bishwaprakash, a young man aimless in life, earning his livelihood through fish trade and also doubles up as a tour guide in Puri. The film lovingly captures the various aspects of life in the sea town.
We are introduced to one Anjali (Nandita Das) – a spinster who is saddled with an elderly ailing mother (like Jamini in Mrinal Sen’s KHANDAHAR) the father having left for an unknown destination twenty-two years ago. There’s a hint of a relationship of her with our protagonist but that is not taken towards a logical conclusion. Anjali is trying to run a hotel business singularly in the town. She makes attempts to rope in Bishwaprakash as a partner in the business, but he refuses. Her client includes mostly people from commune like ISKCON who come to spend a few days amidst the quietude of Puri. In one such instance, Anjali becomes close to a Bengali lady from ISKCON and together they discuss about many aspects of their existence …
In the meanwhile, the municipal authorities has drawn up a list of buildings to be demolished as a consequence of recent deaths of a few foreign tourists living in one such dilapidated lodging which caved in resulting in the casualties.
The protagonist came from a family of priests and was subjected to ridicule because of his association in the fish trade. He wanted to make a killing by entering the promising fish export market but derision by his family members especially his father saddened him. He longed to escape from the stifling confines of life in Puri. He befriends a white woman June, a tourist who has come on a visit to Puri. He takes them around touristy spots and sparks kindles in his relationship with June. Does June help him escape from his unbearable existence in Puri? Watch to find out.
Rating: 3.6 out of 5


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