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‘Mrs. SEN’ is a complex tale about infidelity and familial relationship. A woman Anuradha (Rituparna Sengupta) discovers her husband (Rohit Roy) was cheating on her and has a second wife Sohini (Harshita Bhatt) and an eight year old boy after he meets with a fatal accident. Gradually a bond develops between the two wives of the deceased. In the meanwhile, the boy befriends Anuradha,  and the wheel chair bound Sohini too becomes seriously ill and passes away…

The film highlights the vagaries of our existence when one finds out the unpleasant truth about a loved one, or when elderly parents have to bear the loss of their child, or when someone is burdened with the responsibility of bringing up a child resulting from the covert operation of their better half.

As usual, Rituparna is brilliant in the role of the central protagonist. The film is directed by Agnidev Chatterjee and features Biplab Chaterjee, Anusya Mazumdar, Sankar Chakraborty in convincing supporting roles. The character of Subashish Mukhopadhyay as the autistic brother of Sohini appeared overdone (he could have taken a leaf  out of Dustin Hoffman’s performance in RAINMAN).

Rating; 3.8 out of 5



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