NAYI NERALU (In the shadow of the dog, 2006)

Posted: July 3, 2016 in 100 remarkable Indian films, Girish Kasarvalli, Kannada, Regional, Satyajit Ray

561129-gkff-2015-naayi-neralu-film(1)In some respects, Girish Kasarvalli’s NAYI NIRALU (In the Shadow of the Dog) is similar to Satyajit Ray’s APUR SANSAR. The final sequence where the heroine Venku holds her little child that she must raise and provide for bears similarity to Apu holding his son aloft signifying that lives must go on inspite of personal tragedies that transpired in their lives. In APUR SANSAR Apu loses his wife, in NAYI NERALU the protagonist Venku lost her husband who had drowned around two decades back. Since then she had been living with her in-laws …

Kasarvalli’s film focuses on reincarnation, conventional beliefs and question several social traditions. The rural backdrop of the film is quite spectacular in parts and add to its charm. In this film, I noticed that a widowed lady wears red saree (specific to South Indian tradition?) whereas we’re used to seeing widows in ‘whites.’

The film narrates the tale of a young man Vishwa who proclaims that he was the reincarnated son of a respected person of a certain village in the neighborhood in his earlier birth. When Vishwa comes to the house of the Father of his declaration complexities arise and orthodox beliefs bug at every step. Watch this fine film by the renowned filmmaker of MANE.

Rating: 4 out of 5




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