Damadol (2013)

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Bangla 2010-2020, Bengali films


DAMODOL is a tale of three buddies (Dil Chahta Hai?). One of them Aditya is a budding filmmaker while the other two Nikhil and Veekay is in love with the same girl. The film is directed by a peculiar sounding Manoj Michigan. Veekay is a cable guy and is in the good books of a comical gangster Pappu Bhai (Saswata Chatterjee) and is instrumental in making Pappu Bhai agree to finance the film that Aditya dreams of making some day…
How the creative vision of the director gets diluted by unscrupulous producer who wants a film on Rabindranath because the name sells. As a second subject, the producer suggest a remake of Pather Panchali. When Pappu Bhai agrees to finance, he wants inclusion of jakhas song and dances). How does the love angle of the two buddies gets resolved? How does the stern father of a wannabe filmmaker comes around in the end? Does the struggling filmmaker (echoes of Kagaz ke Phool, Bappaditya’s Houseful?) manage to retain his creative vision or forced to reconcile to the demands of his producers? These are some of the threads that combines to form the narrative. A light hearted entertainer.
Rating: 3 out of 5


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