Jana Aranya (1976)

Posted: May 3, 2016 in Aparna Sen, Bangla 1970-80, Bengali films, Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray


                                                                     Jana Aranya, 1976 film, poster.jpg

There is a thematic similarity and continuation seen in the films of Satyajit Ray. The struggle of an individual to cope with unethical practices in his profession has been the leitmotif in several Ray works – Mahanagar, Seemabaddha, Jana Aranya, Ganashatru & Shakha Prosakha. Some sequences like that of the dinner table conversation between the father (Satya Bannerjee) & sons (Pradip Mukherjee & Dipankar Dey) could also be seen in later works of Ray like Shakha Prosakha.

Based on a story by famed writer Sankar, Jana Aranya (The Middlemen) is a probing work by Ray that delves into the innermost depth of the human conscience.

Some of the sequences of the protagonist Somnath Bannerjee (Pradip Mukherjee) scouring for a job & facing rejection amidst a huge number of applicants can also be traced in Mrinal Sen’s CHORUS (1974). But while MS adopted a playful approach in telling a topical tale about unemployment, Ray strikes a rather serious note and JANA ARANYA is bereft of any lighter sequences.

The supporting cast includes Lily Chakraborty, Robi Ghosh, Utpal Dutta, Aparna Sen and others.

Rating: 3.7 out of 5




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