Posted: February 3, 2016 in Hindi films, Rituparno Ghosh, Two Hundred Indian films

Raincoat Movie Poster.jpg

In a sense RAINCOAT is a non feminist film. Even when the ex-lovers discover that both are unhappy the director never hints at an eloping angle. The O.Henry story THE GIFT OF THE MAGI has been nicely Indianised. It showcases the Indian penchant for fibbing and covering up ugly facts even when trapped in a miserable marriage.

The power of this room drama derives from its dialogues and conversations that bring out tellingly feelings of the protagonist. When Manu (Ajay Devgan) says that he was thinking of a new six letter word for his TV serial production company which have been named RAJNI, the female protagonist (Aishwariya Rai) suggests naming it NEERJA after her name – she says that “since in life they couldn’t been partners, they can be partners somewhere else in their lives.”

The tale of a brief interlude after ten years between ex-lovers (where feelings have not ebbed completely) when the boy travels from his native place Bhagalpur to Kolkata for work also brings out the restraint acting capabilities of Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgan and Aishwariya Rai.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5



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