Saira (Malayalam, 2005)

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Dr. Biju, Malayalam, Regional


Siara is a Malayalam film directed by Dr. Biju. The film is a tragic tale of a talented elderly Muslim musician whose daughter, a political journalist, gets embroiled and victimized in the wake of a sensational interview she records with a dreaded terrorist for a TV news channel. Though slightly overdone at times (the sequence where the daughter suffer a temporary loss of memory after her rape and disrobes before her father), yet the film is powerful enough and thoroughly convincing in projecting the agony of an ordinary Indian Muslim. When asked by a terrorist whether he believed in Allah or not, the musician father replies “I believe in Allah. However, my Allah is different from your Allah.”

The film acquires significance in the wake of several callous statements from popular Muslim Bollywood actors like Amir Khan and others about growing intolerance in the country. The Muslim protagonist inspite of his personal tragedy and enticements from seditious elements never loses faith, or cries foul of being victimized for being a Minority in the country. Just for highlighting this beautiful thought, the director deserves our kudos.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5


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