Janala (2009)

Posted: October 7, 2015 in Bangla 2001-2010, Bengali films, Buddhadeb Dasgupta


Buddhadeb Dasgupta becomes quite pessimistic in some of his films (Tahader Katha, Bagh Bahadur, Phera, and now Janala). He seems to suggest that do-gooders have no place in our society and they have to pay a heavy price as does the protagonist (Indranil Sengupta) in the film. The situations and the developments appear a bit removed from reality. Although the wife of the protagonist (Swastika Mukherjee) works in a call centre, a modern profession she is constantly subjected to abuse and mental torture in her work.

Those who have seen Dasgupta’s earlier films this too has his signature written all over – a rural backdrop, dream sequences, performing artists and exploitation etc. The director paints a bleak picture of society where unscrupulous people have a field day. The school of the protagonist where he tries to donate a Janala (Window) is run by members who are only concerned about reaping financial dividends as does the owner of the circus which compels a couple who are trapeze artists and on the verge of becoming parents to flee from the circus. The director seems to be paying homage to the showman of Indian Cinema Raj Kapoor when his song from Mera Naam Joker played in the background during the performances of the trapeze artists.

The supporting cast includes Sankar Chakravorty, Tapas Pal, Manoj Mitra and others. This is a let down from the director who raised the bar of filmmaking with Dooratwa, Grihajuddha & Charachar.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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