1. Mrinal Sen                                                                                                                                                                         Most cine buffs would be surprised by my choice and would contest my preference. Yet I feel no Indian filmmaker has shown greater social commitment and yet managed to build an evolutionary narrative technique incorporating strands from International cinema developments and blending it seamlessly with the Indian story. List of outstanding films: Bhuvan Shome, Khandahar, Chorus, Akaler Sandhane, Kharij and many others                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              satyajit

2.  Satyajit Ray

The master storyteller and the most famous Indian filmmaker internationally. The only Indian recipient of the Oscars for Lifetime contribution to cinema. List of outstanding films: Pather Panchali, Kanchenjunga, Apur Sansar and several others.


3. Gautam Ghose

Someone who has made films like Antarjali Yatra, Moner Manush & Paar ought to be bracketed with the very best. He has other notable works to his credit – Gudia, Patang, Padma Nadir Majhi, Dekha & Kaalbela, being some of them, Camerawork in his films are usually stunning (Antarjali Yatra, Abar Aranye, Padma Nadir Majhi). He has made several award winning documentaries.


4. Tapan Sinha

He has more than forty films to his credit, several of them outstanding – Khoniker Athithe, Nirjan Saikate, Galpo Holeo Satti and many many others.


5. Rituparno Ghosh

He led the revival of Bengali cinema and was instrumental in bringing the audience back to the theater. He espoused the feminine cause through his films woven in a tight narrative. List of outstanding films: Dahan, Raincoat, Bariwali, Asookh, Naukadubi, The Last Lear, Shubho Mahurat, Dosar and some others.


6. Buddhadeb Dasgupta

The films of the poet-filmmaker has a lyrical quality about them. List of outstanding films: Charachar, Dooratwa, Uttara, Grihajuddha and some others.


7. Ritwik Ghatak –  A pioneer of the cinema revolution in Bengal, his early film Nagarik is often considered as a fine specimen of realistic film making and preceded Ray’s Pather Panchali by a few years. Has a cult following, and as seen in MEGHE DHAKA TARA & SUBORNOREKHA wove innovative techniques in sound design, triple jump cuts and angular shots into the narrative. His use of melodrama often didn’t find favor with the discerning viewers. Had he made more films and lived longer (also Rituparno Ghosh), Bengal and Indian cinema would have greatly benefited.


8. Aparna Sen – has made some remarkable films (36 chowringhee lane, paromitar ek din, gaynar baksho). Loneliness and human relationships are her pet themes.


9. Pramathesh Barua – made socially relevant films in the 1930s – 1950s. He was a pioneer in introducing artificial lighting in Indian cinema. Mukti, Hirak Jayanti, Devdas, Sesh Uttor are some of the notable films he made.


10. Debaki Basu

He introduced sound for the first time in films like Chandidas (1932) and was the first filmmaker to be awarded at International film festivals. His notable works include Vidyapati, Nartaki, Sagar Sangamey, Naba Janmo and several others.


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