Usnotar Jonno

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Telefilms

Based on a story by Sunita Ghatak and Kaushik Ganguly, the telefilm USNOTAR JONNO is directed by Kaushik Ganguly. It stars Roopa Ganguly, Churni and Chopal Bhaduri. The telefilm gives an insight into the lives of people considered unconventional in a stricter sense.

Filmmaker Roopa Ganguly and Churni are close friends and live together sharing a strong bond. Roopa in the course of shooting a documentary NOTIR KATHA on a theatre actor trapped with all woman’s attributes (voice, mannerism ) played by Chopal Bhaduri suddenly discovers the man lurking inside her feminine self, one that possibly longs for the company of her female friend Churni. After the shoot, Roopa doesn’t return back to her friend. They start living separately. In course of time, Churni gets married, but she too is unable to forget her dear friend Roopa Ganguly. A complex tale of unusual human relationships.

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