Posted: February 28, 2014 in Hindi films, Irrfan Khan, Mrinal Sen

lunch box

You are often compelled to watch a film because of the buzz it manages to create. In recent times, very few films got spoken off in such glowing terms as ‘The Lunch Box.’ A lot of the press it received was owing to the fact that it wan’t chosen as the official Indian entry for the Oscars. Newspaper pages were filled with the team of ‘The Lunch Box’ and its many admirers sympathizing how a brilliant film was overlooked and denied its due as the best representative film from India.

OMG. The drag of a movie about a developing romantic relationship between a bored housewife (Namrata Kaur in a superb performance) and an elderly Govt. servant (Irrfan Khan) due for retirement has hardly anything to recommend about. Improbable situations of lunch box landing up day after day in an incorrect destination and genesis of an epistolary relationship in its wake seem highly unrealistic. The Ritesh Batra directed film has similarity with the Mrinal Sen directed Bengali film ‘ANTAREEN’ starring Anjan Dutta and Dimple Kapadia, also about a similar relationship that evolves between two complete strangers. The mellowing of the crusty middle aged Irrfan owing to the relationship with a much younger woman also echoes in some respect to another Mrinal Sen film (Bhuvan Shome).

Apart from shots that provide a glimpse of Mumbai life (like market groceries sent up in tightly roped buckets between floors of an Apartment), the film has hardly anything to write home about. The performers act creditably. Nawazuddin Siddiqui does a cameo as a colleague of Irrfan.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


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