Posted: December 25, 2013 in 100 remarkable Indian films, Hindi films

A group of people meet and debate on social issues in a social gathering. The hollowness of their lives is gradually unfolded before the viewers. A poet and crusading activist (Naseeruddin Shah) for tribal’s right who keeps getting mentioned throughout the film without actually being shown is finally given a sequence which informs us that he was killed by the Govt. machinery which wanted to usurp the land from the tribal. A motley group of characters – an alcoholic ex-theatre actress (Rohini Hattangandy in a superb performance) caught in a loveless marriage with an eminent writer (Manohar Singh) & unable to forget her past flame, a brilliant Shakespearean Theatre actor (Shafi Inamdar), a wannabe writer (K. K. Raina)becoming the object of affection of Brinda, a cigarette puffing woman of high society social circuits, the hostess (Vijaya Mehta) of the party and the strained relation with her daughter (Deepa Sahi), a journalist (Om Puri) who was accompanying the activist when he was attacked, a woman (Soni Razdan) who flirts with a young guy goes back to her husband (Mohan Bhandari) & several other characters populate the proceedings.


The cast also includes Amrish Puri as a good friend of the hostess, Pearl Padamsree as a magazine editorBenjamin Gilani and others. The entire film is centred around a single house party , barring a couple of sequences of Mumbai life and the Arabian Sea. The finest sequence is the concluding one in the film, where the slain activist (also a writer) appears to haunt the two writers in the film (Manohar Singh & K. K. Raina) obviously highlighting the perils of writers and activists from airing their views. While a character in the film argues that famous writer Lorca took up the gun during Spanish uprising, other characters debate the relationship between politics and writers. This is a fine commentary on the plight of writers in present day society.The film is directed by Gobind Nihalani.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5


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