Posted: July 23, 2012 in Hindi films


This 1961 Nitin Bose directed film is an older version of the latter day DEEWAR on siblings on opposite side of the law, that heralded the arrival of Amitabh Bachchan as the Angry Young Man in Indian Cinema in the 70s. Where the two films differ is in the setting – GANGA JAMUNA has a rural backdrop, whereas DEEWAR was based in an urban city.

ImageDilip Kumar plays a village simpleton, who is forced by circumstances to become a dacoit. He is eventually killed by his cop brother (whom he had raised like a son).

ImageSome of the horse chase and train robbery sequences used in the film seem to have inspired Ramesh Sippy who used similar horse running and train robbery sequence in his popular film SHOLAY. The film is redeemed by some good music & fine performances by real life brothers Dilip Kumar and Nasir Khan and Vjyantimala Bali. The songs like Insaf ki dagar pe (Hemant Kumar), Nain lad jayee  (Rafi), Dhoondo dhoondo re sajna and Do hanson ka joda (Lata Mangeshkar) are MEMORABLE beyond doubt.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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