Films on Compassion for Birds and Animals

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently I watched the flick “Hachiko: a Dog’s story”, a touching tale of love and loyalty of a dog for his master. It featured the hearththrob actor Richard Gere as the dog’s master. It is really disappointing that when we scour for such films made in our country, there is a complete drought in the genre. Apart from some cliche-ridden entertainers which Bollywood has churned out in the past (Haathi Mere Saathi, Mere Rakshak), the respected filmmaker Tapan Sinha did make a couple of films (Safed Hathi, Ankush) alongwith Raja Sen(Damu) & Buddhadeb Dasgupta (Charachar), which highlighted empathy for the animal.


Our filmmakers seem to be obsessed with romance, dance & action whereas the arty ones are obsessed with weighty stuff & social issues to really care for sensitive animal oriented films.  I remember 30-35 years back, as a child being taken to such films as African Safari by our family. Hollywood still manages to produce a ‘George of the Jungle’ or ‘The Horse Whisperer’, but when we look at ourselves, can you recall any titles?

Here are my top five films in the genre

1. Born Free

2. Hachiko: A dog’s story

3. Charachar (d:- Buddhadeb Dasgupta, language Bengali)

4. Free Willy

5. Benji


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