Dahan is directed by Rituparno Ghosh from his own screenplay. It is based on a  true incident.

The gist: Romita Choudhury (Rituparno Sengupta) is the wife of Palash Choudhury ( Abhishek Chaterji) .These newly-weds meets with a tragic incident. One day, while they were returning late in the evening ( around 9 p.m) they are heckled by a group of five ruffians at Tollygunj Metro Station. After knocking out Palash, these goons tried to rape Romita. A few people who witnessed the incident slipped away cowardly, and none dared to stop the molesters. Jhinuk ( Indrani Halder), a young woman who was just passing by in a autorickshaw on this rainy night when the incident was taking place comes to the rescue of Romita. Only due to Jhinuk’s courage, Romita escaped from being brutally raped. Jhinuk advises Romita to report the matter to the police and lodge an FIR.

The film does echo Tapan Sinha’s ADALAT O EKTI MEY featuring Tanuja, but Rituparno’s film has sufficient originality and finer points to make it a thought-provoking and significant work. The director explores how the two female characters i.e Romita and Jhinuk deal with their surrounding relatives and friends in the aftermath of this incident.

Newspaper coverage of the incident brings fame to Jhinuk and her relationship with her boyfiend takes a new turn in its wake. When the molesters are arrested by the police, it is discovered that the perpetrators of the crime are offspring of powerful men. Does Romita with the help of Jhinuk succeed in bringing the culprits to book? The many supporting characters like Romita’s rich dad ( Subhendu Chaterji ), her in-laws and her husband, Jhinuk’s parents (Pradip Mukherji and Shakuntala Barua) & grandma (Suchitra Mitra),  her fiance and her brother does well with wonderful camoes.

Overall, the director has skilfully handled the myriad characters and managed to churn out an absorbing work. The realistic ending adds to its charm.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5


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