Konikar Katha

Posted: August 2, 2009 in anjan dutt, Bengali films, Telefilms

Konikar Katha is a telefilm written and directed by Anjan Dutta.  Anjan Dutta has already made his mark as an actor in the films of Mrinal Sen, Gautam Ghosh, Ujjwal Chaterji  and others. Here we get a glimpse of his directorial skills and a fine storytelling ability. Earlier, Anjan Dutta had written stories for films as well, most notably Mrinal Sen’s Mahaprithibi.

The telefilm stars Moonmoon Sen and Anjan Dutta. The story does have an element of freshness. Most creative Indian filmmakers have so far stayed away from a  subject that incorporates probing into the human psyche against rapidly changing social values. Directors who have explored such themes in the past have done them against a more traditional backdrop.

The gist: Anjan Dutta works as an English schoolteacher in St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling. He meets his ex-wife, five times married actress Moonmoon Sen, after a gap of several years. She has come to Darjeeling with the new love of her life, a young handsome cameraman. Moonmoon wants Anjan to help her son secure admission in St. Paul’s school and become his local guardian. As the story flip-flops between Moonmoon’s admission and rejection of her having contracted cancer, a growing bond develops between her son and Anjan.

The director also probes  the possible reasons for the fickleness of Konika (Moonmoon Sen)’s character with great finesse. Overall, a commendable work from Anjan.


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